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Remember this these women do not care about humanity. They only care about the $$$.

If you are the type to find statistics true about STD's you are denying yourself the possibility. This is high risk behavior and I wish I was more informed about STD's. There are those who encourage this behavior because they want to suck you into their world. Do not believe the reviews on any of those sites, any thing related to this risky activity should be taken with a grain of salt.

Good reviews mean nothing and for those who say "hey you do not know how STD spreads". I do not care for how it spreads, I care about the possibility and those are the same people who go the unprotected route. If you do not remember your own sex education, then how do these providers know? Money is the source of all evil and this is a evil business.

But what do I know, I'm just someone like you who tried it out and got something from it. I just want to make sure you are well informed about what you are getting yourself into. Please do not buy into the "I am educated and smart", you are just lying to yourself. If you do decide to do this, I suggest saving up and pay for TOP of the line providers, but do your research.

Always remember those doesn't matter how much you pay, there is still the possibility.

And for those of you who will say that I am a ***, well I am for getting my self infected. The condemned condemn themselves.

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Dude. Protect yourself in these situations.

Thats why contraceptives were invented. ***!!!

If your not using protection they your a moronic ***. You know that the women sleep with countless men regardless of their pricerange. High class hies get STDs just like a street walker.

And ive noticed a lot of the pricer ones are willig to do more risky things bareback, ***, swallowing, etc. get a reality check.


You are all morons


not all of the ladies on that site are dirty whores.


Veracity, I am a concerned sister I found Humaniplex website on my sister's computer and she has had a meth problem in the past any information that may help me to help her would be appreciated please contact me! thanks!!

to ***cerned sister #764141

@Concerned Sister - did you still need help with the situation regarding your sister?


how about not solicit hookers at all?


So there is HIV going around. I would suggest anyone who has seen any providers on any site to be tested.


"pimped out and on drugs anyway" - that is definitely true, this site funds crystal meth business all over SOCAL especially the Inland Empire. BeautifulJeneen


I agree with the previous comment, be carefull when it comes to STD 's. However Im a recent member of the total waste of time and Money"Humaniplex".

This site masqerades as a social networking site for Adults. Well, this could be true if you have all the time in the world and are very persistant on building a network so that any of the advertisers will even talk to you. The advertisers" girls" will not even give you the time of day if you dont have a trusted network.

If you havent joined yet, you will see for $25 minumum you will get nothing worth while from this site. Just some nice pictures of women that may or may not exist in the real world, The Jury is still out for me.Join a better site like TER at least you know what you get, unlike this quasi sophisticated scam of a site known as Humaniplex


Those whores all pimped out and on drugs anyway. Especially Paris, Nat, Tutu, AsianBarbie, and that whole stable.

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